Monday, October 30, 2006

Arnica works.

Today Dominic was playing near the fireplace when he bonked is head against it. He cried and I thought he hit his forehead. Then I noticed it was the outside corner of his eye. So I remembered the Arnica, which is for bruises, sprains and such. Well I have it in tablet form. So I gave him some. Before i gave it the spot looked purple and was swelling up. 10 minutes after I gave it the purple was gone and it didn't look like a black eye in the making anymore. I gave it twice more at two hour intervals (as directed) and now it is almost unnoticable. It is just a small pink spot. I am impressed.

Tonight for dinner we are having Brats, Edamame and homemade Mac and Cheese. MMM!!

We watched Curious George this weekend and it was a huge hit. Very sweet kids movie. No one gets hurt or dies. My daughter was laughing out loud at the monkey doing mischeif. So we went to the library and got Curious George books. But she is asleep now.... the time change SUCKS with little kids. They got up this morning at 6am. :(

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