Sunday, December 02, 2012

Solar project.

So phase one of the solar project was getting the frame up.

Digging Post holes.

Then we had to put up the support frame. These are heavy 4x6 post about 8 feet tall.

Then you gotta put the panel supports up.

Then you can finally put panels on. Oh yeah!!

Home upgrades!

We have been so busy this fall that I haven't really had time to update this old blog. I thought I might get it going again since we have some fun stuff going on.

We are upgrading to solar panel electricity for our house. Part of this upgrade includes trying to get our home more energy efficient in general. We replaced our windows over a year ago and it was finally time to do the deck door. It was an old sliding door that really leaked hot and cold air. We upgraded to a french door that has built in mini-blinds. LOVE IT!