Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring is here!

Why is it that 45 degrees in the spring feels so much nicer than 45 in the winter? One of lifes mysteries I guess. I am sure it is because of more sun, less wind and all that.

I am starting to feel much better with the pregnancy. I got a little baby bump already. Heck, its number 4 the tummy just plops right out there after you pee on the stick. HA HA!! I am going to get my hair done this weekend and I guess I will be going back to my normal brown hair. I figure dyeing it once back to normal is better for baby than dyeing it every 2 months to keep it red.

We killed our meat chickens last weekend. We only ended up with 3 of them. 2 met there end with the dog and 2 got sick and died. We still have some more Roosters babies growing out in the coop. They were question marks (hen or rooster?) when we got them. I sure hope one at least is a girl I think 1 is for sure a boy at this phase. All roosters will be dinner.

Not much else to report. I started the garden. Put in Radish and Kale so far. I want to get some lettuce in but it says it might snow this weekend? PLEASE NO! So I will wait a bit longer.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Baby #4.

Well I haven't blogged for over a month and I have a good excuse. I am pregnant! For the last month I have been feeling so crappy and just didn't have the energy to blog. I am feeling better now and so hoping to get back into it. Baby #4 is due end of Sept or 1st of October. So yeah us! Monday we heard the little heartbeat pitter pattering, so that is a relieve. :)

I hope to get some new pictures of the kids and our adventures up soon.