Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Same old same old...

Nothing much going on. Same old Same old.. :) Yesterday we planted flowers in the front yard. Today we went and got new sand for the sandbox. That is about it. Tomorrow Gioia has Dance class. Last week was spring break so she didn't have dance and she is ready to go back. My tooth has finally stopped hurting. I go Thursday to get the crown put on. I hope he doesn't have to do too much to it, so it won't hurt again.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Nice weekend.

Yesterday my mom friends and I did a Lets Dish style cooking club at my house. It went really well. In the course of about 3 hours we had drinks of wine, snacks, and made 6 meals each. Then you freeze the meals and Voila! you have dinner for 6 evenings.

Then today we went to church. Then we went to the Dog park with the dogs and kids. It was really fun. Gioia was not being a very good listener, but she finally shaped up. ;) I also found out that my friend had her baby today! He was born at home and was 11 lbs. HOLY MOLY!! I am very excited for them though.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Night weaning. Oh my!

Well as you all probably know we are still going strong on the nursing. My son is now almost 19 months and he LOVES his "Nur-ney!" We nurse several times and day and until recently at night. I love the snuggling, but I am read to sleep better again. I have never been one of those mamas who could fall asleep while the baby is nursing. SOO... he has been showing signs of readiness for night weaning, I decided to give it a go.

It went REALLY well last night! Smile He nursed to sleep about 8:30pm, didn't wake up until 12am. He started crying and throwing a fit (before I even said no), so I said "What is the matter?" Then he calmed down and said Nur-ney. I said, Nursing is night night. You can snuggle mommy. He stopped looked at me and made this horribly sad face, but it lasted all of 10 seconds. Then he stuck his hand down my shirt and tried to go back to sleep. It actually took him 40 minutes to get back to sleep, but he was just restless. He wasn't crying or fussing.

Then he woke up again about 2 or 3am (not sure) then again about 3:30. Each time I told him Nursing was night night. He asked at 2 but at 3:30 he didn't ask.

I finally nursed him at 5am when he was waking up. After he nursed a whole bunch he went back to sleep until 7:15.

So he went 8:30pm to 5am without nursing. Oh I did bring him his binky and he only used it during that first 40 minutes that he was trying to get to sleep. I gave him a drink of water in a sippy at 2am, because I thought he might be thirsty.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Gorilla bars..

Thats right. Gorilla bars, aka Granola bars. Gioia insists that they are "Gorilla bars" and she even corrects me when I say Granola bars. We made some today. Dh wanted me to try it with less flour, to make them more granola and less cereal bars. Uh... they taste good, but do not stick together properly. Oh well. They are yummy none the less. Gioia is also having a great time pretending she is Wendy and playing Peter Pan. She even uses the English accent and all that, calling him "Pete-ah". It is really cute. She has also been a Mouse this week.

I went to the dentist again, and he fixed my temporary crown a little more. I hope it helps it feel better. i really do NOT want to have a Root Canal.

Saturday we are having our homemade version of Lets Dish at my house. We are making 6 meals (3 meat, 3 veggie) and then we freeze them. It should be fun.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

My beautiful lunch.

I made a beautiful tasty pizza. It had whole wheat crust, tomato sauce, sausage, spinach, red pepper, cheddar cheese and a delicious Garlic cheese from Whole Foods. It was so beautiful I took a picture of it! :)

Friday, March 16, 2007

Free at Last! Praise God I am free at last!

WOO HOO!! I just closed and cut up my discover card! i have carried a balance on it since 1998. How embarassing....

It has a zero balance and it is NO MORE!!! *happy dance**

Love Shrek!

This is too cute not to blog about. So Gioia is singing the song "Love Shack". It goes "Love Shrek, hhmmmm hmm Love Shrek" "Your what? Henrooo busted. Love Shrek baby Love Shrek!"

HA HA!!!

We went to Pump It Up for playtime today. It was soo fun. The kids love it and Dominic is big enough to do it himself. So that is nice for me.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Paths that cross.

I always find it interesting when you are on a path and you keep running into others on the same journey as you. It makes me wonder....are they put there to help us, for us to feel not alone, or were they there the whole time but we are just now noticing them? Case in point. Tonight we had to wait up late for a guy to come get paperwork about a car we sold them. We sold the car 2 weeks ago and my husband said it was a college kid. Turns out, it is a 17 year old. He came with his dad to get the papers and the subject got around to the fact that they are a homeschooling family. Awesome! So we had a good chat about that. We will probably run into this family again. And I knew it! I told my husband after they left, "I knew they were my people!" He just laughed. The dads name is Smoky, he had a rice pack (that he heated in my microwave) for his neck, they said they gave their other car to a family that didn't have one, Ok... you do the math.

Caterpillar Picnic

Today was a beautiful day. We had Gioias Dance class, then we just played outside all day. It was great. The kids dug in the dirt all day outside. Gioia found a caterpillar, earthworm and we saw a lot of birds.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Mean mamma!

So today we are at the Sprint store, trying to get my phone fixed. They finally tell me that they have to order a new one. Fine. It will be here Friday. UGH!! Ok...whatever. So i say Ok kids time to go. Dominic doesn't want to go. He wants to run around the Sprint store. I scoop him up and start to carry him out and he is screaming. So I jokingly say Oh I'm such a Mean Momma! Dominic replies "MEE MOMMA, MEE MOMMA!"

Then I got him to say Nice momma. And he will also say NIce Do-ah (Gioia).

Monday, March 12, 2007

My Mouf is numb....

UGH! I had to have dental work done today. An old filling out and a crown put on. All in all it wasn't that bad. For the first time ever it didn't hurt to get the numbing shots. My dentist has a little thing that vibrates when he injects you and it didn't hurt at all. Only took him a few minutes to get my old mercury filling out, and an hour total to do all the work. It was pretty good. My whole right side of my face was numb. Now the numb has wore off, it hurts! AAGHH!! :( It also hurt my pocketbook to pay for it. Dang!! I have to go back in two weeks to have the permanent crown put on.

My phone is also dead. I am not sure what happened, I suspect one of my kids. I took it in today to get it fixed. I will know more tomorrow. Its a new phone, GRRR! At least I have the warranty plan on it.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Splish, Splash I was taken a bath...

A mud bath. We had The Great Park Swap Playdate on Wed. This consisted of everyone bringing their stuff that was for sale or trade, and the rest of us going through it. I got rid of a bag of clothes and box of toys. The kids played while the moms swapped. It was great, about 15 families came. It was not so great for two kids. First our friend Riley fell in the mud puddle and soaked her pants and shoes. Then Dominic fell in whole body. He got his face muddy. His clothes were soaked. He was VERY sad. It was only about 50 outside that day. Too cold for a wet baby. He was crying for nursing and shaking. I stripped him as fast as I could and everyone found some swap clothes for him to wear and a dry diaper. Then he got his nursing and I held him the rest of the playdate. He was done playing. I felt really bad about the whole deal. They also had a port-a-potty there. Gioia decided she wanted to wait till we got home, and she did.

We got some short chapter books at the Library today. I thought we could read them before bed a few chapters every night. Gioia had other plans. We already read one 60 page book today. She wanted to do that instead of play outside. So we read the book outside while D played in the grass. :)

Here are some new beautiful pictures taken by Uncle Jay.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Driving the farm truck.

So Gioia got to drive a truck for the first time. Yeah, so what if she is only 3.5 years old. :) She went to chore and feed hay with her Uncle John. He let her sit on his lap and steer. Then when they were feeding the hay he was on the truck bed throwing hay off, while she drove alone. OK...city folks, don't have a heart attack! This is how it works. You have a stick shift pickup and you drop it into 4 Low and 1st gear. It with idle along by itself at a speedy 1 mile an hour, without giving it any gas. My dad has several times put the truck in gear when he was alone and tossed bales off, then stepped back in the truck. It is THAT fast. LOL. Anyway, Gioia thought she was the big stuff. It is really cute. Also we will ignore the fact that she is neither in a carseat or seatbelt, because they are 1 mile from home and in the field. Barring any freak tornado or lightening strike I believe she pretty safe.

What else have we done this week? Well DH started his new job. It is fine, he says, its a job. The weather has been beautiful so we are playing outside a lot. We planted some seeds for our garden. We have zucchini, carrots, okra, cucumbers, cantaloupe, peppers and green beans. We will also do tomatoes but not from seeds. Tonight is my MNO and Cooking Club. Thanks to the Lets Dish and Cooking Club, I haven't had to meal plan for 2 or 3 weeks. It is very nice!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

1st cavity?

Yesterday was beautiful! It was 70 degrees, we had to go to dance class, grocery shop and then take Dominic to the dentist. I thought I saw a little cavity on his front tooth. Turns out he has 2 cavities! One on each front tooth. Needless to say I feel like a crappy mom. I feel like I let this happen, or didn't brush his teeth enough. It was also interesting because I had to call around and find a dentist that did Pediatric Dentistry. My usual dentist doesn't do it. I had no idea it was a speciality. I see why though. It is a skill to work on those wiggly, little ones. Anyway, i talked to a friend and then to my mom and they both calmed me alot. My mom had some good points that she had tons of cavities as a kid, my stepdad had none until his 30's. Everyone is just so different. I guess my little guy is going to be more prone to it that some people. My husband also brought up a good point that his teeth could be weaker because he used to grind his teeth a lot, and often. So who knows the cause. But you can bet I am going to be diligent with the brushing and flossing for the kids now. 1st cavity is not something I wanted to put in the baby book. Geez.

Well today we spent the morning at the mall. It was fun. Gioia meet a little friend. I think he was black, maybe Middle eastern as well because his mom had an accent I couldn't pinpoint. They were playing at the Children's Place (clothing store) in the hat bin. She had a big purple one on and he had a big orange one on. I wish I would have had a camera with me. It was cute. Then later he was at the Play area with us and they were inseparable. It was cute. I think he said he name was Marcel. Gioia said when we got home his name was Cella. :)