Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Driving the farm truck.

So Gioia got to drive a truck for the first time. Yeah, so what if she is only 3.5 years old. :) She went to chore and feed hay with her Uncle John. He let her sit on his lap and steer. Then when they were feeding the hay he was on the truck bed throwing hay off, while she drove alone. folks, don't have a heart attack! This is how it works. You have a stick shift pickup and you drop it into 4 Low and 1st gear. It with idle along by itself at a speedy 1 mile an hour, without giving it any gas. My dad has several times put the truck in gear when he was alone and tossed bales off, then stepped back in the truck. It is THAT fast. LOL. Anyway, Gioia thought she was the big stuff. It is really cute. Also we will ignore the fact that she is neither in a carseat or seatbelt, because they are 1 mile from home and in the field. Barring any freak tornado or lightening strike I believe she pretty safe.

What else have we done this week? Well DH started his new job. It is fine, he says, its a job. The weather has been beautiful so we are playing outside a lot. We planted some seeds for our garden. We have zucchini, carrots, okra, cucumbers, cantaloupe, peppers and green beans. We will also do tomatoes but not from seeds. Tonight is my MNO and Cooking Club. Thanks to the Lets Dish and Cooking Club, I haven't had to meal plan for 2 or 3 weeks. It is very nice!

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