Thursday, March 08, 2007

Splish, Splash I was taken a bath...

A mud bath. We had The Great Park Swap Playdate on Wed. This consisted of everyone bringing their stuff that was for sale or trade, and the rest of us going through it. I got rid of a bag of clothes and box of toys. The kids played while the moms swapped. It was great, about 15 families came. It was not so great for two kids. First our friend Riley fell in the mud puddle and soaked her pants and shoes. Then Dominic fell in whole body. He got his face muddy. His clothes were soaked. He was VERY sad. It was only about 50 outside that day. Too cold for a wet baby. He was crying for nursing and shaking. I stripped him as fast as I could and everyone found some swap clothes for him to wear and a dry diaper. Then he got his nursing and I held him the rest of the playdate. He was done playing. I felt really bad about the whole deal. They also had a port-a-potty there. Gioia decided she wanted to wait till we got home, and she did.

We got some short chapter books at the Library today. I thought we could read them before bed a few chapters every night. Gioia had other plans. We already read one 60 page book today. She wanted to do that instead of play outside. So we read the book outside while D played in the grass. :)

Here are some new beautiful pictures taken by Uncle Jay.

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