Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Poor little guy.

The last 24 hrs. have not been my little guys day at all. So yesterday afternoon he touched my sisters flat iron (for her hair, hot!!). It must have been a brief touch cause he cried and I put aloe on his hands, but he doesn't have a red mark. Then in the evening he tried to climb on the oven door. It came open and pinched his toes, which were in the spot between the door and the bottom drawer. OUCH!! That DID leave a mark. Then last night we were sleeping and about 2am he pukes on the bed. NICE! What a way to wake up! I am not sure he is sick. He is acting 100% this morning. Never had a fever or anything. He is teething and I wonder if he choked on drool or something. It was really weird. We wiped it up, laid down some towels and went back to sleep.

My afternoon sucked yesterday. I had to take my phone in to Sprint to have them fix it. I pay for a extended warranty to the price of about 7 dollars a month. So this is the second time in 6 months I have had to have this phone fixed/replaced. I have NEVER had to replace a cell phone in the 10 years I have been using them. SO I am not happy about this. The lady says, if it is water damage or something like that, I have a 50 dollar deductible. Ok, well I can just upgrade and get a better phone for $50 right? NO. Not till November when my start date comes up. DAMN SPRINT! I hate them. Their customer service sucks. So I have to go back and get my phone this morning. I am assuming they will be assholes about it all. I have DH's old sprint phone and I will just transfer my number to it. I am not spending 50 on a phone I have had to replace twice. DUH! We may be switching back to Verizon after we are finished with the employee discount at Sprint. Then I was looking at Family plans on phones. EGADS! They start at 69.99 a month, that doesn't include the 10-15 dollars in taxes and fees they tack on every month. How do people afford this crap? How did we afford it before the lovely Sprint discount? Dh has always had his work pay for his phones, but now that he is a contractor we have to pay for it. RARR!!

Well I need to go shower and get ready to go to the sprint store. Peace be with me. Try not to kill poor girl that works there. Cancel bullshit phone insurance.

Friday, July 27, 2007

4 years old.

My baby had her 4th birthday yesterday. Corny to say, but it really does seem like yesterday that she was a tiny baby and I was nursing her. Taking her to the pool in Texas and staying up late rocking her watching TV. :) We had a great day. We met a group of friends for cupcakes and ice cream, then we went swimming for over 2 hours. Later in the day she opened presents and then Grandma Elaine came and stayed all night. What fun! Of course, I failed to get any pool party pictures. DUH! But I did get pictures of her with her new scooter her Dad and I got her. She also got new dance clothes, books, music cd, Hopscotch game and beanbag.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Pee, pee everywhere.

My daughter is driving me crazy. She has been potty trained for over a year now. She has had the random accident rarely, but the last few days it is just out of hand. Yesterday she had 3 episodes of peeing her pants on the floor, in the bed, just where ever she is. It isn't even that she is hurrying to the bathroom. She is simply not going there and then not telling us until we notice she is wet. So today I went and got her stuff to fight a UTI. I am not sure she has one, but i figure better safe than sorry (or insane). I am hoping if it is a behavioral issue, that our treating it like a issue that we can fix and "get the bug out", will clear up the behavior. We have been doing pretty good since this mornings accident, until just a few minutes ago. She peed her pants while playing legos. So i made her change clothes, drink another glass of cranberry juice and I will have her pee in the potty in about 30 minutes or so.

Today we went to the swimming pool. I finally figured out a way to keep Dominic occupied. We took a Dora doll and a baby doll with us. He had a great time swimming with his babies. He was having them jump off the side to him and he was playing with them.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

You know you are old when....

1. Your rockin' 31st birthday party is over and everyone is in bed by 11:30pm.

2. You try to wake your spouse up for a little fun at 11:30pm and he is too tired, and doesn't even remember being awoken the next morning.

Well, at least we had a successful party. No cops called, no neighbors pissed off, no one barfed. Adult parties are definitely much more tame than the parties of college days. And you know what? I am totally fine with that! LOL! It was fun and we even got a funny quote from the night.
" Smell my wet spot." Just so you all don't think it was "THAT" kind of party, I will say that statement involved margaritas. Good food, good friends, I guess that is all you need.

Today, we went to church, then out to the Arboretum. I got some really nice pictures of the kids. I will have to post a couple. We had a nice walk. Later this afternoon we took a family bike ride and Dominic fell asleep in his bike seat. It is really fun. I can't wait till the kids get bigger and we can go on longer bike rides.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Greasy baby

I just got done giving the kids a bath. Dominic and Gioia were upstairs playing along. I know, I know, that was my first mistake. I went to check on them and he is COVERED in Vicks Baby Rub. UGH! Greasy minty baby. Of course he put the most of it in his hair. I gave him a bath. I had to change the water cause it was all oily. Then I couldn't get the oil slick out of his hair, and he has a buzz cut!! FInally I tried the Dawn dish soap. It did help alot more than the shampoo. Oy! What a mess. I called my grandma to see if she had any helpful tips. She didn't but she got a good laugh.


This week I have been looking for a couple things for the kids birthdays. Massimo and I have bikes now, so we wanted to get Dominic a seat that attaches so he can ride with us. Gioia has been wanting a scooter, so I wanted to get that for her birthday as well. DO you THINK I can find a scooter that isn't all decked out in either Disney Princess, Cars logo, or some other blatant advertisements? NO! Not at a store anyway. I finally found this. Radio Flyer Scooter I was able to order that and Dominics bike seat from Amazon. I did a special thing where I get overnight shipping on both items for the total of 3.99 (so like 2 dollars a piece). Can't beat that. I would spend more that on gas to drive to a store to buy these things.

So we are having a party Saturday night for a friend and I. Our birthdays are July and August, so we meet in the middle and have a party. It started last year for our 30th and we decided to continue the tradition this year. Then the next week is my daughters birthday so we are having a playdate/swimming thing for that.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Swimming fun.

Yesterday we went to our friends house for a pool party. It was really fun. Lots of moms and kids came. I would say there was at least 10 families there, maybe more. Gioia did excellent in her life jacket, swimming with no help. She did have a scary moment when she had the jacket off and she went under but my friend pulled her up. She was in a place she could have touched the bottom, but she got scared. I told her that is why we always have to wear the life jacket. Dominic is more the hang out poolside kind of guy. He spent his time playing and eating snacks.

Here he is on the way home from the party:


So I got an email last week that Bike and Trikes for Tykes Organization was losing their warehouse and having to get rid of all there merchandise. So Saturday, bright and early we high tailed it down there to get us some bikes. We got there at 8:30am and WOOOHH! They had bikes and bikes and bikes. We got DH and I new mountain bikes, Gioia a bike and Dominic a brand new trike (still in the box), for $70 dollars! The mountain bikes each needed minor work. One of them needs a new wheel. So we started calling everyone we knew to GO GET A BIKE! DH went back with a friend around 1pm and they were already loading a dumpster with bikes. NOOO!!! He ended up getting 10 bikes this trip. My sister-in-law and her family lost their bikes in a garage fire a month ago, so we got bikes for all of them. This second trip he spent $36 dollars on 10 bikes. SCORE!

Sunday we went to the Nelson-Atkins Art Museum for a tour of the Italian art. It was great. We had a good time. The kids stayed with a friend for a playdate. Also, remember how I said that bike needed a wheel? Well we were in the vicinity of the bike place, so we went back. DH went dumpster diving and we came home with a complete mountain bike, a kids bike and an extra wheel. Turns out the dumpster mountain bike is worth like 700 dollars and is better than the first one that we paid for. HA HA!!

So here is what my garage looks like:

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Dora and Diego

My kids love these cartoons. It is so funny. Dominic really doesn't care for tv or movies. But we had Dora and then Diego on this morning and he is loving it. There are a few shows and channels we miss since turning off our TV. Mostly Dora and Diego for the kids and Discovery Channel, Animal Planet for hubby and I. Since we are at the Hotel this week, we have selectively watched a few programs. We are heading out for the zoo soon. It is cool here today, supposed to be a high of 80. So a perfect walking around the zoo day.

Ok. Here are a few things my little man does that drives me C-R-A-Z-Y! Plays in the toilet! EWW!! Digs in the trash! YUCK! (I think he is part raccoon.) Climbs on the table, and plays in people drinks. MESSY! I will be glad when he quits doing all these messy things. On a happy note, I have gotten several compliments this week on how well he speaks and people can understand him well. It is nice, and funny cause about 6 months ago we thought he was slow on the talking thing. He is really making up for that now. HA HA!!

Gioia serenaded everyone at the hotel breakfast buffet this morning with her Immaculate Mary song. One lady laughed and said, we are getting a little mass with our breakfast! :)

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

St. Louis

We have been in St. Louis all week with hubby's work. Got here monday and went swimming at the hotel. Then yesterday was my birthday!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAMAPERRECA! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! :) We had a busy day. We went to the mall. Then to the Butterfly gardens at Faust Park. Then we went to the Aquaport swim center. They have a lazy river, slides and pools for the kids. It was supposed to be 15 dollars since I am not a resident of the city, but I played the birthday card and got in for resident price of 4 dollars! WOO HOO! Then we went out for dinner and ate Mexican. The food was ok, the service was crappy. We made up for it by stopping at Olive Garden to pick up dessert of Tiramisu and Chocolate cheesecake. FUN FUN DAY!

Today we went to a free movie at AMC Theatres. We saw Ice Age: The Meltdown. We had already seen it so I knew the kids would like it. Afterwards we went to Grants Farm. It was really cool. Now Gioia is sleeping away and Dominic and I are chilling out. Whew. I need a vacation from my vacation.

To many wonderful pictures to post so I made a slideshow.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Holy Blog Slacker!

Holy cow. Am I am blog slacker or what? I haven't posted all week. Ok. So for the update.

4th of July went great. Dh had the day off so we went to look at a property (WE ARE NOT BUYING). It had petroleum lines running under the property. Sorry, don't want to build near that. Then swimming at our local pool. Later in the day I was getting upset because we were supposed to go to a friends farm to party, but it looked like rain and severe thunderstorms. I called and she said the party was still on. Well it worked out great. We BBQ'd, did fireworks with the kids, hung out with friends and then watch an amazing fireworks display by the host. Then the cops came, and it was an official party. Just like in college! HA HA!! No, but seriously, the neighbor called the cops but luckily the show was over just when they arrived. The host did have a permit, so it was all fine.

Then Thursday and Friday we went to visit my mom at her farm. It was great fun as always. My brothers and dad were in the hay field, baling, stacking and moving hay both days. We helped on Friday by bringing them water and sandwiches. It was really cool to see the bale wagon working. Basically, it scoops up the hay bales off the ground and a series of belts and things stack the hay on the wagon. One person runs the tractor and wagon. It is great! I wish they would have had it when I was in high school and had to help do hay. We also went on a 4 wheeler ride and went to look at the cows. We found a dead one. So we had to talk about dead cows alot with Gioia over the last few days. She wasn't really upset. The cow just looked asleep, not all gruesome or anything. She just had questions. Now she says the cow went to heaven.

Saturday was just a lazy day. We went over and visited a friend for a little bit. Today I got a new digital camera. My old one was dead, Dominic got it wet and it is no more. The new one was a display model so I got it on clearance. NICE! Here are a couple of pictures of my beautiful babies.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Its July!

I can't believe its July already. Geez. Where is the summer going? Last week we were really busy, but the rain kept us inside. Wed. we were supposed to have a playgroup/party at a park. We decided not to try to go since it was raining. Thursday a swim playgroup turned into an inside playgroup but there were cupcakes so the kids were happy. :) Friday we had knitting playgroup and it went really well. We got a baby blanket done.

Over the last week we have had 6.13 inches of rain here. Our backyard looks like a swamp. We are luckier than other folks in Kansas. Some got 20 inches and are evacuating their homes from flooding. Of course we don't live by any major rivers like they do.

Saturday DH got to spend the entire afternoon snaking the kitchen sink out. 2 snakes and 3-4 hours later he fixed it. The clog must have been somewhere all the way down in the basement pipe because he didn't reach it with the 15 foot snake. He got it with the heavy duty 25 footer though. Good grief what a mess. The upside is that we got a new dishwasher! FINALLY! My old one sucked and we have put up with it almost 3 years now. We got it on clearance and it is so AWESOME!! I actually enjoy doing the dishes.

Sunday we went on a little adventure and looked at some land for sale. The kids did good on the drive and we had fun looking. It was over in Peculiar MO. It would be about the same distance from DH's work and to Overland Park as it is now from where we live. The actually area where the land is, we really liked it. I just don't know if we are in love with the location, neighboring town, that kind of thing. We looked at one property that does have a house there already. It was great as well. Both had like 8 or 9 acres. Anyway, we aren't ready to move quite yet, probably not till next year but we want to take our time, look around and find the right spot.