Sunday, July 08, 2007

Holy Blog Slacker!

Holy cow. Am I am blog slacker or what? I haven't posted all week. Ok. So for the update.

4th of July went great. Dh had the day off so we went to look at a property (WE ARE NOT BUYING). It had petroleum lines running under the property. Sorry, don't want to build near that. Then swimming at our local pool. Later in the day I was getting upset because we were supposed to go to a friends farm to party, but it looked like rain and severe thunderstorms. I called and she said the party was still on. Well it worked out great. We BBQ'd, did fireworks with the kids, hung out with friends and then watch an amazing fireworks display by the host. Then the cops came, and it was an official party. Just like in college! HA HA!! No, but seriously, the neighbor called the cops but luckily the show was over just when they arrived. The host did have a permit, so it was all fine.

Then Thursday and Friday we went to visit my mom at her farm. It was great fun as always. My brothers and dad were in the hay field, baling, stacking and moving hay both days. We helped on Friday by bringing them water and sandwiches. It was really cool to see the bale wagon working. Basically, it scoops up the hay bales off the ground and a series of belts and things stack the hay on the wagon. One person runs the tractor and wagon. It is great! I wish they would have had it when I was in high school and had to help do hay. We also went on a 4 wheeler ride and went to look at the cows. We found a dead one. So we had to talk about dead cows alot with Gioia over the last few days. She wasn't really upset. The cow just looked asleep, not all gruesome or anything. She just had questions. Now she says the cow went to heaven.

Saturday was just a lazy day. We went over and visited a friend for a little bit. Today I got a new digital camera. My old one was dead, Dominic got it wet and it is no more. The new one was a display model so I got it on clearance. NICE! Here are a couple of pictures of my beautiful babies.


Kara said...

Nakie babies!

Anonymous said...

mmmmmmmmmm I LOVE looking at naked kids