Monday, July 02, 2007

Its July!

I can't believe its July already. Geez. Where is the summer going? Last week we were really busy, but the rain kept us inside. Wed. we were supposed to have a playgroup/party at a park. We decided not to try to go since it was raining. Thursday a swim playgroup turned into an inside playgroup but there were cupcakes so the kids were happy. :) Friday we had knitting playgroup and it went really well. We got a baby blanket done.

Over the last week we have had 6.13 inches of rain here. Our backyard looks like a swamp. We are luckier than other folks in Kansas. Some got 20 inches and are evacuating their homes from flooding. Of course we don't live by any major rivers like they do.

Saturday DH got to spend the entire afternoon snaking the kitchen sink out. 2 snakes and 3-4 hours later he fixed it. The clog must have been somewhere all the way down in the basement pipe because he didn't reach it with the 15 foot snake. He got it with the heavy duty 25 footer though. Good grief what a mess. The upside is that we got a new dishwasher! FINALLY! My old one sucked and we have put up with it almost 3 years now. We got it on clearance and it is so AWESOME!! I actually enjoy doing the dishes.

Sunday we went on a little adventure and looked at some land for sale. The kids did good on the drive and we had fun looking. It was over in Peculiar MO. It would be about the same distance from DH's work and to Overland Park as it is now from where we live. The actually area where the land is, we really liked it. I just don't know if we are in love with the location, neighboring town, that kind of thing. We looked at one property that does have a house there already. It was great as well. Both had like 8 or 9 acres. Anyway, we aren't ready to move quite yet, probably not till next year but we want to take our time, look around and find the right spot.

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