Thursday, July 19, 2007


This week I have been looking for a couple things for the kids birthdays. Massimo and I have bikes now, so we wanted to get Dominic a seat that attaches so he can ride with us. Gioia has been wanting a scooter, so I wanted to get that for her birthday as well. DO you THINK I can find a scooter that isn't all decked out in either Disney Princess, Cars logo, or some other blatant advertisements? NO! Not at a store anyway. I finally found this. Radio Flyer Scooter I was able to order that and Dominics bike seat from Amazon. I did a special thing where I get overnight shipping on both items for the total of 3.99 (so like 2 dollars a piece). Can't beat that. I would spend more that on gas to drive to a store to buy these things.

So we are having a party Saturday night for a friend and I. Our birthdays are July and August, so we meet in the middle and have a party. It started last year for our 30th and we decided to continue the tradition this year. Then the next week is my daughters birthday so we are having a playdate/swimming thing for that.

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Paarrrryty people!