Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Poor little guy.

The last 24 hrs. have not been my little guys day at all. So yesterday afternoon he touched my sisters flat iron (for her hair, hot!!). It must have been a brief touch cause he cried and I put aloe on his hands, but he doesn't have a red mark. Then in the evening he tried to climb on the oven door. It came open and pinched his toes, which were in the spot between the door and the bottom drawer. OUCH!! That DID leave a mark. Then last night we were sleeping and about 2am he pukes on the bed. NICE! What a way to wake up! I am not sure he is sick. He is acting 100% this morning. Never had a fever or anything. He is teething and I wonder if he choked on drool or something. It was really weird. We wiped it up, laid down some towels and went back to sleep.

My afternoon sucked yesterday. I had to take my phone in to Sprint to have them fix it. I pay for a extended warranty to the price of about 7 dollars a month. So this is the second time in 6 months I have had to have this phone fixed/replaced. I have NEVER had to replace a cell phone in the 10 years I have been using them. SO I am not happy about this. The lady says, if it is water damage or something like that, I have a 50 dollar deductible. Ok, well I can just upgrade and get a better phone for $50 right? NO. Not till November when my start date comes up. DAMN SPRINT! I hate them. Their customer service sucks. So I have to go back and get my phone this morning. I am assuming they will be assholes about it all. I have DH's old sprint phone and I will just transfer my number to it. I am not spending 50 on a phone I have had to replace twice. DUH! We may be switching back to Verizon after we are finished with the employee discount at Sprint. Then I was looking at Family plans on phones. EGADS! They start at 69.99 a month, that doesn't include the 10-15 dollars in taxes and fees they tack on every month. How do people afford this crap? How did we afford it before the lovely Sprint discount? Dh has always had his work pay for his phones, but now that he is a contractor we have to pay for it. RARR!!

Well I need to go shower and get ready to go to the sprint store. Peace be with me. Try not to kill poor girl that works there. Cancel bullshit phone insurance.

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