Thursday, July 12, 2007

Dora and Diego

My kids love these cartoons. It is so funny. Dominic really doesn't care for tv or movies. But we had Dora and then Diego on this morning and he is loving it. There are a few shows and channels we miss since turning off our TV. Mostly Dora and Diego for the kids and Discovery Channel, Animal Planet for hubby and I. Since we are at the Hotel this week, we have selectively watched a few programs. We are heading out for the zoo soon. It is cool here today, supposed to be a high of 80. So a perfect walking around the zoo day.

Ok. Here are a few things my little man does that drives me C-R-A-Z-Y! Plays in the toilet! EWW!! Digs in the trash! YUCK! (I think he is part raccoon.) Climbs on the table, and plays in people drinks. MESSY! I will be glad when he quits doing all these messy things. On a happy note, I have gotten several compliments this week on how well he speaks and people can understand him well. It is nice, and funny cause about 6 months ago we thought he was slow on the talking thing. He is really making up for that now. HA HA!!

Gioia serenaded everyone at the hotel breakfast buffet this morning with her Immaculate Mary song. One lady laughed and said, we are getting a little mass with our breakfast! :)

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Alissa said...

I am NOT a fan of Dora and Diego at all, but we like Maya and Miguel on PBS as a substitute for them. M&M are older though, pre-teen twins and they go to school. But Riley likes it, it doesn't drive me crazy, and it is on free tv.