Friday, February 26, 2010

Jedi mind tricks.

We rented an old Stars Wars move. You know the one, with Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader. Good stuff. The kids LOVED it. Dominic asked if he could have a real lightsaber when he is big. Massimo explained that they aren't real weapons, just in the movie. Later Dominic put on a black glove and was about to choke his sister. He was trying to lift her off the ground like Darth Vader.

Sorry buddy. Your jedi mind tricks don't work here. ha ha!

Luca has a string of new words. He says Do-da (Gioia), Poopy (for well when hes poopy!), DO (which he says when he wants to Do something), Nurse (self explanatory), Ca-ck (Cat), Hello (which he sounds like Elmer Fudd...Hel-whoa).

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Winter pictures.

Well winter, she drags on and on. Blah. I am sure you all are as sick of it as I am. This weekend I am going to get my garden seeds all started. A large part I am direct planting ( lettuce, squash, melons etc). The tomatoes, peppers and other things I will be starting inside. Getting the plants going will help me think of spring.

We filled the propane tank AGAIN. Third time this winter. Hopefully it will be the last and by next winter we can hopefully heat with mostly wood. We have the wood insert and plans. The insert needs new fans/blowers. Then we have to drop a flue liner in and get the chimney cleaned. We are working on it, but probably will only be able to use it a couple times this year. I mean *fingers crossed* that it warms up soon and that will be the case. RIght? Right!

So here are a couple winter pictures. I love the snow picture because you can see how big the flakes are in it. Then we actually had one day where it edged near 50 so we went out to get some sunshine!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Gift sets ready!

My friend and I have been working on a order of gift sets for the last couple of weeks. Today we finally got together and packaged them. They are ready for the store. Included is a Bambino Sling and from My Sweet Potatoes: a onesie and giraffe toy. I think these are so stinkin cute! I am excited to see how well they sell. My guess is good. :) The order was for 12 sets. Here are just a couple for you to see how they look.

Also in other news, I think I am going to switch over to Etsy for my website. I am going to try it for a little while and see how it works.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Garden planning time!!!

I am super excited for my garden this year. We have grand plans and finally the space and ability to do it. Last year we tilled up a 30x 40 section of our back yard for a fall garden. I got a handful of items from it but not tons. So I ordered my seeds. I went with Seed Savers this year. They are organic, heirloom veggies. Yesterday the seeds came in!

The other thing on the agenda is a greenhouse. We found a good deal on one from Harbor Freight. They are kind of a discount/overstock type place. We figured out the cost to build one ourselves and this will save a lot of money. We will still have to add things and do a little stuff to it to make it as good as we want it, but it is the main structure. Thank you tax refund.

Then of course we have lots of other landscape and garden type things planned. We ordered 40 pecan seedlings from the Missouri Dept of Conservation. From the Arbor Day we ordered, 7 hazelnut bushes which come as the 2-3 foot size. I think the pecan trees will go out in the field with a fence around to keep the deer and such away. After all they are seedlings and will take a few years before we need to plant them in the permanent place. The hazelnuts may go along the side between us and the neighbor because they will be large bushes.

Then as I am planning all this, of course this summer/fall I will be canning and freezing all this loot! So of course my food processor breaks. Not the unit itself, but the main chopping blade. You know the one, that sits on the shaft and turns. Well apparently you can't order a replacement blade. I have looked everywhere. So I am getting a new food processor. Oh darn. :) Costco has a Cuisinart 11 cup FP for $150 so I was looking at that. Then a couple days ago, my husband called from work. He got a bonus from his company for billing a lot of hours. $250 and he said I think we should split it between ourselves. I said AWESOME! Cause i want a new Food Processor! HA HA! Funny how those things work out!

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Hello out there.

We are still alive. Shortly after returning from St. Louis we were all sick. So I feel like since then I have done laundry, laundry and more laundry. Thankfully our bug was very short lived (around 24 hours). We are keeping pretty busy with the kids school stuff. I am getting excited for spring and planning our new giant garden. It should be exciting. Not much else to report.

Here is a donkey named Eeyore!