Thursday, February 25, 2010

Winter pictures.

Well winter, she drags on and on. Blah. I am sure you all are as sick of it as I am. This weekend I am going to get my garden seeds all started. A large part I am direct planting ( lettuce, squash, melons etc). The tomatoes, peppers and other things I will be starting inside. Getting the plants going will help me think of spring.

We filled the propane tank AGAIN. Third time this winter. Hopefully it will be the last and by next winter we can hopefully heat with mostly wood. We have the wood insert and plans. The insert needs new fans/blowers. Then we have to drop a flue liner in and get the chimney cleaned. We are working on it, but probably will only be able to use it a couple times this year. I mean *fingers crossed* that it warms up soon and that will be the case. RIght? Right!

So here are a couple winter pictures. I love the snow picture because you can see how big the flakes are in it. Then we actually had one day where it edged near 50 so we went out to get some sunshine!

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