Sunday, April 29, 2007

Camping trip and Shatto Milk Company

This weekend we went on a camping trip with our friends. It was a blast. We are exhausted, but it was great. Friday night my family camped by ourselves, then Sat. was the Shatto Milk Company tour, then Sat. night 5 families camped with us. It was great. Here are some photos.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Another week

Another week has practically flown by. We did our usual routine. Gioia had her last day of dance class this week. We will start her back in the fall. She had a great time. This summer we will do soccer and swim lessons. We go camping with our friends this weekend. Hopefully it will be sunny and warm. Today is the third week I have had my friends son for the day. OH MY! It is crazy having two 3 year olds in the house. I think when we are done having him for the school year, we will be finished with watching other kids. He is a great kid, but having 3 to chase under the age of 4 is insane. Think we will be waiting a while for our own #3.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Mystery shopping

Today I did my first Mystery Shopping at Whole Foods. I love whole foods, they carry everything Organic under the sun and awesome products. I had to shop in the bakery and produce sections and ask the team members a question about their section and stuff. All in secret. It was fun. I have to turn my stuff in this evening and i get reimbursed $10 worth of groceries plus 7. 75 for my time. Fun!

We watched my friends little boys last night. It was pretty fun. We ate dinner, played outside then started a movie. All the kids got along great. I said "See we can handle four." He said, "Anyone can say that on a good day. " I think he is right. :)

Thursday, April 19, 2007


We have been fighting the cradle cap, flakey scalp stuff on Dominic since he was born. At 12 months or so I used TTO (Tea Tree Oil) on it and it went away after one application. Well now it is back and his hair is too long and thick for me to treat it efficiently. SOOO>>>>>> DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!! Baby's first buzzcut!

Gioia said "Is that our brother?" HA HA!! He does look different. Scroll down to see the pictures of him from the other day (with hair).

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Horsey ride.

So we were coming home from somewhere this weekend and the neighbors were having a garage sale. I scored this for $15.00. You all remember these from childhood right?

Gioia gets stickers in the mail from her Great grandma every week. Today she did something we been wanting to do for a long time. How great is this? Is this legal to do when she gets too loud? *just kidding*..sort of...

Planning a vacation.

Lord is there anything more stressful than planning a vacation? I mean its exciting, but its stress to find the right place to stay, what are you gonna do when you are there and all that. I guess it is more so because my kids are little and I have to find things they will like to do and not TOO much. I think we are going to go to Colorado. DH loves it and I have never been. We are trying to coordinate it so my good friend and her kids can go with us.

The sun is back and it was about upper 60's I think yesterday, maybe it hit 70. Anyway, we went to Deanna Rose farm and pet the goats. We were there an hour and the kids had a great time and played hard. Today the plan is go to the park later and I might even try to mow the yard. That would be a nice surprise for my hubby.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Friday the 13th.

Wow. Long time no posts. I can't believe its been a week already. We have been busy, but not all for the good. Last weekend was Easter and it was good. Fairly uneventful. We went to church and had a nice lunch at home. Then Gioia started barfing. I guess she had the 24 hour flu. She was back to full speed by Monday morning. Tuesday I woke up nauseous. Oh, no...I was sick as a dog all day Tuesday. It was awful. Hubby can home a little early from work to save me. I went straight to bed and didn't come out except to barf. YUCK!!! Wed. I felt better. Dominic got sick one time during the night and then he was fine come Thursday morning. Thursday I had to watch my friends son during the day, cause he has speech therapy here in town. Last night I was dead tired and just want to do NOTHING today. It has been a hard week.

So today is Friday the 13th. We are gonna call it a relaxing number 13th and just hang out all day. One nice thing did happen. My mom called and talked to me on Wed. when I was recovering and asked if I was still sick. She was offering to come help watch the kids. I should have just faked it and let her come. Ha Ha! It was nice to have her offer though.

Here is what the kids been up to lately.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Purple hair.

Massimo was out of town on business this week for 3 days. SO the kids and I went to visit my sister. We had lunch with her and grandma (my mom), then I went and got my hair done. My trendy cousin cut it for me and added some color, blonde and purple. It looks great. I love it! Then we spent the night and had a great time. Last night was moms night out. We all went for dinner and ice cream. My good friend is getting divorced and her husband is being a royal ass. Now this is not uncommon for divorcing couples, but he is going above and beyond with his jerkiness. :) Is that even a word? Well its the right word, even if its made up.

Here is a picture of my new do. Sun was in my face so please ignore the scowl! :)

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Happy Aprils Fools Day!

Its April 1st. It is spring and beautiful outside! 3 friends had their babies in the last two weeks. One more is due and we are anxiously waiting her baby's arrival. What fun all these new babies! 3 were born at home. 1 was born at the birth center. Yeah for natural births!! One of the births was particularly exciting because she WANTED a home birth, but because her 1st child was a c-section she had a midwife but was going to go to the hospital. Baby had another idea. He came in 2 hours and they never went to the hospital. I am so happy she got the birth she wanted!

We went looking at trees for our yard. We didn't find anything exciting, so we are just going to keep looking and thinking about what we really want. We bought a bunch of grass seed and fertilizer for the yard instead of trees.

Gioia is going to be the flower girl in my cousins wedding in October. Sarah (the bride) brought the flower girl dress today for Gioia to try on. It is beautiful. Turns out the smallest size was a 5. Gioia is wearing size 4 right now, however, the 5 fit great. I am so glad. Here is a picture of her in it. Its a little hard to see in the picture but the dress has baby blue trim and ribbon and embroidery all over the body of it. It looks great on her.