Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Planning a vacation.

Lord is there anything more stressful than planning a vacation? I mean its exciting, but its stress to find the right place to stay, what are you gonna do when you are there and all that. I guess it is more so because my kids are little and I have to find things they will like to do and not TOO much. I think we are going to go to Colorado. DH loves it and I have never been. We are trying to coordinate it so my good friend and her kids can go with us.

The sun is back and it was about upper 60's I think yesterday, maybe it hit 70. Anyway, we went to Deanna Rose farm and pet the goats. We were there an hour and the kids had a great time and played hard. Today the plan is go to the park later and I might even try to mow the yard. That would be a nice surprise for my hubby.

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