Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Gorilla bars..

Thats right. Gorilla bars, aka Granola bars. Gioia insists that they are "Gorilla bars" and she even corrects me when I say Granola bars. We made some today. Dh wanted me to try it with less flour, to make them more granola and less cereal bars. Uh... they taste good, but do not stick together properly. Oh well. They are yummy none the less. Gioia is also having a great time pretending she is Wendy and playing Peter Pan. She even uses the English accent and all that, calling him "Pete-ah". It is really cute. She has also been a Mouse this week.

I went to the dentist again, and he fixed my temporary crown a little more. I hope it helps it feel better. i really do NOT want to have a Root Canal.

Saturday we are having our homemade version of Lets Dish at my house. We are making 6 meals (3 meat, 3 veggie) and then we freeze them. It should be fun.

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