Friday, March 23, 2007

Night weaning. Oh my!

Well as you all probably know we are still going strong on the nursing. My son is now almost 19 months and he LOVES his "Nur-ney!" We nurse several times and day and until recently at night. I love the snuggling, but I am read to sleep better again. I have never been one of those mamas who could fall asleep while the baby is nursing. SOO... he has been showing signs of readiness for night weaning, I decided to give it a go.

It went REALLY well last night! Smile He nursed to sleep about 8:30pm, didn't wake up until 12am. He started crying and throwing a fit (before I even said no), so I said "What is the matter?" Then he calmed down and said Nur-ney. I said, Nursing is night night. You can snuggle mommy. He stopped looked at me and made this horribly sad face, but it lasted all of 10 seconds. Then he stuck his hand down my shirt and tried to go back to sleep. It actually took him 40 minutes to get back to sleep, but he was just restless. He wasn't crying or fussing.

Then he woke up again about 2 or 3am (not sure) then again about 3:30. Each time I told him Nursing was night night. He asked at 2 but at 3:30 he didn't ask.

I finally nursed him at 5am when he was waking up. After he nursed a whole bunch he went back to sleep until 7:15.

So he went 8:30pm to 5am without nursing. Oh I did bring him his binky and he only used it during that first 40 minutes that he was trying to get to sleep. I gave him a drink of water in a sippy at 2am, because I thought he might be thirsty.

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