Sunday, October 15, 2006

Vacation time!

It is vacation time for my husband. He has the whole week off and will hopefull get the two Fiero's in the driveway running. He got the first one almost finished and it runs. Yippee! Now on to the second one.

Saturday we went to Arts in the Arboretum. It was really fun. Gioia painted a rock, made a pine cone turkey, a fall leaves placemate and we took a hayride. We met some friends out there as well. Then we all when shopping and I got a bra. I need a new nursing bra. However, no one sells decent ones except online. Then when I get it, it is not comfortable and has pointy 50's style cups. No thanks! So I found out how to MAKE a nursing bra. I am going to use snaps on it instead of hooks. My friend has a snap press. I went to Victorias Secret found a nice bra and I am *crossing fingers* that it comes out nicely. Then we all went out for dinner. It was a really nice day. We also got Gioia an activity book at Borders. It has numbers, letters, and all kinds of Pre-K age activites. She loves it. When we were at Borders, she went over to an Asian father and daughter, involved herself in their book reading and even climbed up on the mans lap. She is so funny, doesn't know a stranger. That is why I have to keep close eyes on her when we are out and about. Its that great Attachment Parenting. She feels safe and secure in her world. Guess maybe we need to read a few books about strangers.

DH and I continue to kick around ideas about owning an RV, possibling a huge bus one and living in it. It would be so awesome. But then you have the downside of not much room for running around and playing. Surely, there is some inbetween we can find. We will keep our eyes peeled, ears to the ground and options open. It also depends on if he could someday work from home. We would like that regardless of where we lived.

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