Monday, October 23, 2006

Things that make you go... AWWW!, AGGH!! or HAHAHA!

Some things make you laugh, scream or think AWW precious! It seems like that covers most scenarios. So I will update you all with that in mind.
1. Gioia tells her papaw "Papaw you got a big tummy! You got a baby in your tummy!" I tell her, No, only girls get babies in there tummy but papaw has a big tummy. Papaw says, "I am gonna put some beer in my tummy and see if it gets bigger!" HA HA HA!

2. My niece brings me a chunk of hair and says, I think Gioia did this with the scissors! (Definately an AGGHH!) I ask her about it. SHe says, Yes, I better do that again. (gets up to do it.) NO NO. We don't cut our hair with scissors, I say. Turns out ok, her hair is long and she is a natural at cutting her own layers.

3. Our good friends found out they are pregnant with #1. AWW!! They had a sonogram....turns out they are pregnant with #1 and #2. AGHH! or Aww!! Take your pick.

4. My sister found out she did not get accepted into nursing school (again). AGGHH!!

5. My little guy is walking! He will let go and take off. He is so happy about it, he thinks he is big stuff! AWWW! *sniff sniff*

6. My brothers H.S. Football team is undefeated. They have 2 games left of regular season. I really feel they are on the way to state! Go Bulldogs! Our family will be going to St. Louis to watch them play if they make it. WOO HOO!

7. On our way to Iowa, my husband is driving ($#%@) and we get to talking (no really?) and we miss our exit and drive 20 miles before realizing it. Which means we had to drive 20 back the other way, added a total of 40 minutes to our road trip with 2 toddlers. AGHHHH%$&@*!!!

Have a happy week everyone!

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Sarah said...

Hey, my little brothers' football team is undefeated too. Maybe they'll end up playing each other!