Friday, October 06, 2006

21 day sugar free challenge.

I am inspired by some fellow online mothers in the Mothering Community . We are all doing a 21 day sugar free challenge. Some are taking it very seriously and cutting out natural sugar (like fruit) as well. I am cutting out all refined sugar, white flour (which we do anyway) and sugar in foods. I am still going to eat fruit, just limited for this detox. Here are a couple interesting articles on why sugar is bad. Dangers of Sugar, Killer Sugar. Here is a quote from one article, "Because it contains NO vitamins or minerals it must rob them from the body in which it is assimilated, (like a parasite leaching the "life" from its victim)." A little dramatic but the point is still true. Sugar is one of those cummulative things. We are a pretty healthy eating family, but I can think of alot of things in my kitchen right now with sugar in them. Peanut butter, mayo, tortilla shells, bread, honey, maple syrup, cereal, the canned soup, ketchup, BBQ sauce. So it is a build up effect. It is not just candy and ice cream.

I know my kids may eat junk when they are older, or go to McDonalds (which we boycott). But my hope is that if they are used to eating this way, white flour free, sugar free, organic mostly, then they will have a firm background to come back to when they are parents or adults. Just maybe the McDonalds will make them feell crappy too.

On another subject, my "girl doggie" decided to drop her pants and pee outside last night. Like a good doggie should. Although, she really isn't a dog, she is a 3 year old. My husband started to flip out, but we took a moment and when she was done I told her that yes, doggies pee outside, but I would like it if she tried to use the potty. Then we laughed in private.

DH(dear husband) got pulled over last night. Our headlight was out, then he couldn't find the current insurance, was home on the counter. It started to get a ticket, until he found the insurance card that just expired a few days ago. So the cop let him go with no ticket. WHEW!

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Sarah said...

This post made me feel super guilty. Right now I am munching on some sour gummy worms that I just HAD to buy at Target. Good thing they are almost gone because I am not feeling quite guilty enough to stop!

Thanks for the diapers!