Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Beautiful Day.

Today was a beautiful day. We met some friends for playdate at Antioch Park. Then the kids napped. Later we had dinner and went grocery shopping. Sounds really exciting right?? Funny, thing is I remember when we were in college and shopping was fun. We would go at like 11pm or 1am to Food-4-Less (aka Beer-4-Less) and buy groceries. We were about the only ones there and it was fun. Gioia is getting really good at riding her bike. She can pedal and steer now by herself. Tonight she was helping her brother walk. She would hold his hands and off they would go. It was so sweet. I videotaped it of course.

A lady I know had a baby today by C-section. They are both fine and I wish them the best but it really makes me sick about it all. She of course, was induced. The ONLY reason they induced her was because she was a couple days past due. Baby was fine, weight of baby fine etc... It was her first baby and the doctor talked her into inducing, which didn't work, which led to C-section. So basically, they ended up cutting her baby out of her because her doctor, not mother nature, decided it was time. GRRR!! I get so upset about it all.

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