Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Rainy Day.

Not much going on today. Grocery shopping, Health store for teething tablets, post office. It is rainy and dreary, so we turned on the fireplace and made Banana bread. MMM! Doing good with my sugar free challenge. No sugar today, made the Banana Bread with Stevia (all natural plant sweetner). My AP (attachment parenting) group is really growing and planning lots of get-togethers lately. I am so glad. Had some excitement on our AP website the last couple days. Some lady joined that was a total religious fanatic, she even said all our kids would grow up to be sluts since we wear pants, tank top shirts, makeup etc... Even worse was that she was supposedly Catholic. We told her she was not a good fit for our hippie group that lets our kids swim in the buff and have all spectrums of religions.

We have field trips scheduled for the next few weeks to go Letterboxing, to Moon Marble Company, and possibly a Post Office tour. It is really great having other families with preschool and kindergarten age kids to do this stuff with. I think we have close to 10 families just from my AP group. Not everyone comes to everything, but we usually have at least 5 come. I think we are planning a rotating meetup, possibly with a theme, craft and snacks for the winter months.

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