Monday, October 09, 2006

The weekend!

The weekend flew by! So fast I totally forgot to post. Saturday we went on a hayride. My dad was rolling his eyes that we had to "pay" for a hayride. While we were in the city taking a hay ride and campfire, Mom and Dad were baling hay and taking the Orginal Hayride. LOL!

Sunday we went to church. We love our new priest. Then I was held hostage by the Kirby vaccuum salesman. To be fair, he did shampoo my living room carpet and deep vaccuumed my stairs. I have to admit, I am sold on the vaccuum. Just didn't have 1500 dollars to spend on a vaccuum. I am thinking that our vaccuum is 6 years old, the carpet 5 years. In a few more years both are going to need replacing, so we will get the new carpet and vaccuum. It will give us the time to save the money.

Dominic had a horrible night. He is cutting a top tooth, and his molars. Poor baby. I am exhausted, but its temporary. At least I feel good knowing that I helped my son all I could while he was hurting. I didn't leave him in a crib to cry. I don't know how people do it with cribs. Getting in and out of bed, standing and patting backs, etc... It was bad enough laying next to him in the family bed snuggling him and nursing him. Guess that is why so many crib users resort to the awful Cry It Out. Which in my opinion is horrible and abusive to a poor baby.

My sugar free thing is not going well. It is all my husbands fault. We went out for dinner last night and he ordered dessert. BAD!! Ok it is a new week and I am starting fresh. So far so good.

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