Thursday, October 05, 2006

Indian food and scary teachers.

We had our MNO (Moms Night Out) last night. It went really great. 13 moms showed up. The mom with twins and two toddlers came and her husband made it just fine with all 4 kids. He deserves a hand for that! We ate Indian Food. It was a first for most of us. Me and 2 other moms split a family meal for 3 that came with appetizer and 3 different small portions of meals. We had Buttered chicken, Lamb, and Goat curry. OH MY! I have eaten goat now. Hmmm. I didn't really care for it. 50% was the taste, it was tender but fatty and 50% was mental. Ok maybe 80% was mental. But HEY! I did try two bites of it. My sister would be proud. The lamb and the chicken were wonderful and the service was the best I have had for a long time. All in all an A+ for the Indian place. Afterwards, me and my two good friends went next door to Applebees and had a drink. It was fun. We are plotting for a Karaoke night. That would be really fun.

We decided not to go to dance class today. I haven't paid for this month yet and I am thinking of switching to a different studio. My daughter has told me a few different times that the teacher is scary. I have no idea where this comes from but if she feels that way then we need to find a different arrangement. This morning she said she didn't want to go. SO we went to the park and rode bikes. She had a wonderful time.

I am planning to paint and wallpaper my half bath, maybe this weekend. It might have to wait until next week though depending on cash flow. Wallpaper is stinking expensive. Bah! The excitement is killing me though. I love to do home improvement things and this is going to make a huge difference in there.

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Melanie said...

That's funny about Gioia and the teacher, I hope you can find another teacher for her. Kelley was telling me that Grant didn't like one of his teachers and come to find out it was the way she looked, she wasn't real cute and apparently had this mole on her chin and he thought she was scary. It's funny what kids say. That might be Gioia's thing too.