Thursday, October 19, 2006

Busy week, Grandmas House.

Whew. We have had a busy week. Can't believe I haven't had time to blog. Monday we tried a new dance class. We didn't like it. They wanted the girls (3-4 year olds) to stand on an X and learn dance steps. Then they were surprised and frustrated when the girls were bored and running around the room. That sealed our decision to go to the dance studio in Olathe. It is wonderful. I talked about it last week. Tuesday we played at home since DH is on vacation.

Wednesday we had our dance class. Gioia had a great time. Then we headed out to Grandmas house. The kids love their Grandma and Papaw. We have a baby calf that was a twin and its mama didn't want him, so he is one the bottle. They have twin goats whos mama doesn't have any milk and they are on a bottle too. They still suck their mama, so maybe her milk will come in eventually. We have been playing outside and having a great time. This weekend we are off to Iowa to see the rest of the family. So busy, busy busy.

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