Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Trick or Treat!

Halloween was a big hit! The kids had a good time. It was REALLY cold outside, so Dad and Brother went home early while Mom and Gioia went to a few more houses. Then we came home and passed out our treats to other kids. We gave out mini-Playdohs this year and they were a huge hit. I can't count how many kids ran down the sidewalk, Hey Mom I got Playdoh! :) Even the teens liked it, cause it had black and other funky colors. Here are a couple pictures for your viewing pleasure.


deanna said...

We gave out playdough too, and it was SO well received! Everyone that came to the door commented on it. Even the older kids/teens - I heard, "Cool! Playdough! I love this stuff" so many times!

CUTE kiddos!!!

Grandma said...