Wednesday, November 22, 2006

I'm DONE!!

Not me, Gioia. This is what she yells from the bathroom several times a day and someone comes and wipes her bottom. So today we were at playgroup and a friend was watching the children inside, the rest of the moms and kids were outside. Gioia needed to potty, did so and yelled I'M DONE!! My friend looked around, realized this meant her, and helped Gioia finish up. HA HA!! I said, thanks for doing that. My friend was like yeah I have 5 girls, no problem.

And on that note about modesty, she also stripped down at another friends house and the two little girls were running around in their birthday suits. We just laughed and the dads agreed that it was fine, as long as they quit by the teen years. HA HA!! I gotta love my Natural Family Living/AP friends, everyone is all ok with WHATEVER.

I forgot to blog yesterday, but here was the excitement. We went to Pump It Up, an inflatable jumping balloon gym. The kids loved it. D was saying Wheee! Wheee!! Meaning "that was fun, lets do it again!" It was cute. Gioia was going over this obstacle balloon, and down the slide when she kind of fell and caught herself with her left arm. She started crying and wouldn't move her arm. I knew it was dislocated because we "suspect" she has done this twice before. Each of the 2 times before we took her to the doctor they X-rayed it and said, its fine. The nurse said rotating it for the x-ray can put it back in place. SOOOO..... I asked her to stick it out. I turned it and heard POP and I FELT it pop back in. She stopped crying instantly. I said Bend it. She did and said thanks! and went back to playing! MAN! That was freaky! But now I am 100% sure that the first two times were real and the same thing happened. It was the same arm all 3 times now.

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allison said...

At least it was # 1 ! Haha