Sunday, November 05, 2006

Long time no blog.

Wow I really been slacking on the ol' blog lately. We have eaten WAY too much candy this week. Tomorrow we are going to trade it in for a toy. We will probably keep about 5 peices for her to have a treat this week, then all gone. We went to my brothers football game Friday night. It was AWESOME! They kicked ass 44-0, beating Princeton and winning the District title.

So we don't have tv programming. The reason is largely the commercials. BUY BUY BUY! Take Drugs for every cough and ache. Take vaccines for everything under the sun! KIDS, eat crappy sugary foods and get fat, sit on your ass and play video games all day. Its just junk and the shows on are not much better. We stick with movies. We can control content and no commercials, but we still get the entertainment value of watching a show. My mom said, Its the same as its always been. Well that may be true, but it doesn't mean our kids need more help being mindless consumers that think they NEED pizza rolls, a New expensive cars and toys or other junk.

Eating. I used to be one of those kids that LOVED to eat junk food. I wanted candy and crap all the time and as a high school and college kid I ate lots of it. Now that I have kids and have researched more healthy eating habits, we eat better than ever. As a young kid we never had sweet cereals, pop, or really any junk food of any kind. Now my mom buys all kinds of cookies, cereal, and junk for my brothers to munch on and it dawned on me.... we never had that stuff because it is extras and we were poor! Isn't it funny though? We actually ate better! I am glad we did. I still went through the natural kid phase of eating lots of it. I still have poor self control sometimes and eat that stuff. HOwever, at home we don't eat white flour, because it turns into sugar in your body and is very unhealthy for you. We ate lots of white flour at my parents house this weekend. We also only ate vegetables one time we were there and that is because I cooked them for the dinner. We ate 2 breakfasts and 3 other meals there. I also had 2 sodas and a buttload of candy!! AHH!! Sigh. It is a new week. I am going to do better and feed my family lots of veggies!!

This week I have my Moms night out. I am really looking forward to it. Also I am meeting with some friends for playgroup and to make christmas gifts.

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Anonymous said...

I guess you forgot the apples, bananas, roasted chicken, salad, baked beans, juice and other "healthy" foods that were available at Mom's house. Let's see, who was it that bought donuts and white bread at the Amish store?? :)