Monday, November 06, 2006

Another week begins.

Today we went to a friends house to work on some Christmas gifts. They are Waldorf Heavy babies, and I love it. We made them ourselves. I hope Gioia loves it. I won't post the pictures here, I will wait till christmas and post one of her with her new baby. They are weighted 2.5 lbs to feel more like a really baby. We ate lunch with our friends and played. These are some of our fellow homeschooling friends. Then the kids napped on the way home. It was great.

Tomorrow is Election Day. Everyone vote!! Gardner is voting on the Intermodal non-annexation. "I hope it passes, I hope it passes!" I also hope the Amendment 2 fails in Missouri. I read it and I don't like it. It is shady.

We took Gioia's halloween candy, let her pick 5 things, then the rest got traded in for a toy. We ended up with Lincoln Logs. She and I built a house with them. It also came with a tiny man and horse. She seems to like it. DH will be taking the said candy to work with him to dispose of. Thats it for today! Later!

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