Wednesday, November 08, 2006


I am so dissappointed I guess is the right word for it. Gardner voters voted to Annex the freakin property for the intermodal. I voted AGAINST IT! These idiots. You know what their campaign slogan was ??? Can Beat em. Lets Tax Em. A defeatist attitude. NIce. It was a by a huge margin too. 1100 for it and 2800 against it. Sad Evil or Very Mad

I am sure BNSF is really excited. Cause now they can build their HUGE warehouses and intermodal in Gardners backyard. And Gardner gets to pay for all the infastructure. They even have a letter from a developer saying he stop negotiations on a housing developement purchase because of the intermodal. SO it is already having a negative effect on our home prices and it isn't even built yet. DAMN IT!!

DH said, it really goes to show you that demographics are true alot of the time. Small town, intimidated by the corporate giant. He said if we were in San Fransisco or somewhere more liberal they would have said HELL NO you can't come in our town with your pollution and heavy equipment. But not Gardner. Thanks alot. Now I am seriously looking harder for that RV.

Oh and I am also sickened by the fact that Amendment 2 for Missouri looks like it is passing so far. I didn't get to vote for that one. I was against it. NOthing against anyone who might have voted for it. I just didn't like it. It goes against what I believe morally and religiously. I read the whole text in our hometown paper last week. It is very shady with loopholes that are bad. IMHO.

On an happier note, the house is in Democratic majority for the first time in 12 years. I don't usually vote for a party itself, however I think my husband is right that we just need a big change in our government and having a all house, senate and judiscial in Rep. is not a balance in the system. SO I am hoping this paves the way for better leadership. Lets all pray for the newly elected people that they will do a good job and be good people.


Sarah said...

Sorry about the intermodal. That sucks.

I am really sad about No. 2 passing. Their campaign just wasn't honest as they made no differentiation between stem cells and fetal stem cells - and of course there is a big difference. I think if more people had actually read the whole thing and really knew what they were voting for, then it wouldn't have passed. At least I hope.

Anonymous said...

That letter was a ploy. The Home Builder's Association supported efforts to annex. I cannot imagine that those whose profits rely on property values would support something that could lower them.