Sunday, November 19, 2006

Football mania.

Well the last two days have been spent with me listening to football on the radio. Saturday was Gallatin vs. South Shelby, Class 1 missouri high school football semi-finals. My brothers team Gallain Bulldogs, played their hearts out, but lost 24-27. So South Shelby will be going to the Dome to play. It is very dissappointing. The boys were pretty upset, but they had an undeafeted season and did excellent this year. We are all very proud of them. My brother has made All Conference, All District, and the radio dream team.

Today we went to church then I have listened to the Chiefs/Raiders game on the radio. For those that forgot, I have to listen to it on the radio because we don't have tv programming. The raiders have been ahead all game and now the last minute left they are losing. :( Yes, I am a raiders fan living in KC. It is a blasphemy to most people. Oh well, everyone knows I like to go against the grain. HA HA!

My hubby is home on vacation all week. It will be fun. Monday I have to get a filling done on my tooth, not fun. We are having my dad and his family here for Turkey Day. Then next Saturday is the baptism for our new nephew.

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