Friday, June 26, 2009

T minus 24 hours till the move

I wish I had a picture of a chicken with the head cut off. That is what I feel like. Whew. Actually today is going pretty good. Our agent called last night and said that the appraiser did a second drive by and they appraised the wrong house. So they needed to come by between 6 and 10 this morning. They knocked on the door at 6:09. I was still in bed. The kids were still asleep. He said everything was fine, just a time crunch.

So since i have little time. Here is the link to the pictures to the house.

See you in Missouri!

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~Christina said...

Congrats...I'm so glad you guys get to move into the new house early! That's so awesome. Can you imagine doing all this twice!?! Good luck with you move this weekend. We should come out and help you unpack sometime next week!!!