Thursday, July 02, 2009

I'm back!

Wow! What a week it has been. I have had no internet since Saturday and that was probably a good thing. I have gotten a lot of unpacking done.

We moved on Saturday. It took all day and lots of people. THANK YOU! to everyone that help. We couldn't have done it without you.

Sunday we had to pick up the fridge with the moving truck. Our driveway is a hill, so when we were unloading it we almost lost it. It was starting to roll off and I had to stiff arm it to keep it from crashing to the ground as DH frantically pulled to stop it. Finally we get it to the house and it is almost too wide for the door. The solution was to take it in sideways after removing the door handles. Then to take the truck back and go to our old house to clean up and get our final items (vacuum, brooms, etc..). Another long day indeed.

Monday DH headed back to work, although he came home early. The spigots on the washer hookups were both leaking badly and had to be replaced. They were only $6 each but I had to wait for them for doing laundry.

The rest of this week I have been making slings, unpacking boxes, delivered a sling, finding my way around a new area of KC, went to the library, saw some cool trains in Belton and trying not to lose my mind.

Our house still hasn't closed. Another bump in the road has come up with the loan/title companies. The buyers were renting and needed a place to go. We let them move in already, I can't say early as this is when they were supposed to move in. However, they haven't closed on the house yet. We ended up calling them directly. They are very grateful that we let them move in. What else could we do? We need the deal to go through and we have moved in early to this house as well. Pay it forward, you know? They have two young boys so I understand their feelings and issues.

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Sarah said...

Welcome back to Missouri! :)