Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Its Ours!!

We closed on our house today! HOORAY! It has been a long road. The past two months have been so stressful. Now we are gonna have some fun and just enjoy our new place.

ON the to do list is:
1. Plant "Ginormous" Fall Garden. ( I have my seeds started.)
2. Till up and prepared said garden spot, fence it away from deer/rabbits.
3. Get clothesline put up.
4. Keep unpacking boxes and organizing.
5. Paint Gioia's room.
6. Make more slings.
7. Finish some quilts I have started. I have 3 in progress.

We are going on vacation in August. We also have two Chiefs games we are going to. One preseason and one regular season. My cousin is getting married plus my sister, mom and I are throwing her a shower. We have the Jameson Picnic next week (which Dominic, Gioia and I are all singing in the talent show). BUSY!! But fun stuff!

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Deanna said...

YAY Jaime!