Sunday, July 05, 2009

My hard drive died.

I am so sad. I lost everything pictures of my kids, documents, my recipes I had accumulated. Even my old stuff that I thought we had backed up. It turns out that DH had rebuilt his machine and it was gone. I am just sick about it. Luckily, we did have a backup of our Quicken (checking account, financial stuff). At least that is a small comfort.


On the bright side, we love our new house. I planted some flowers this weekend. DH went on a wasp killing spree. There were nests all over the house. My daughter got stung by one on Thursday so we played inside the rest of the day until my husband could get medieval on their asses. LOL!

Friday, the owner came and they got rid of all the trash. They also burned a huge pile of wood trash. They started in the daytime, were here until after 11pm. Then it rained during the night and the fire was STILL burning slightly in the morning. We got to meet them and talk to them. They are real nice people.


Sarah said...

Oh no! I hear ya about the computer problems...mine's been acting up on me a lot and I'm afraid that exact thing will happen! :( Did you have any pictures on an online site, like snapfish or flickr? That will help. :)

Mamaperreca said...

Yes, thankfully I do have pictures on flickr and here on my blog too. So i am going to be downloading and PRINTING them out.