Thursday, July 16, 2009

Jehovah's Witness...really?

So we have lived out here on a gravel road, in the country for about 3 weeks. YOu would think that I would not have to deal with solicitors. Wrong. We have had 4. The first guy was the one selling the kids books that go door to door. Second, was the ice cream truck driving by. I was pretty surprised (and a little weirded out) with that one. Third was the seafood and steak guy. Fourth was the minivan full of Jehovah's Witness ladies that stopped by today.

What is the deal? They think we are stuck out here without ways to buy stuff. Hello! I have the internet! Why just last night I was ordering things for my daughters birthday. Yesterday in the mail I got a stack of yummy fabric I ordered from a group. So stop coming to my house trying to sell me things. I live in the country! GO AWAY. I need to make sure the dogs are outside and just not answer the door.

The blog has been a little lacking lately, but I have two new funny things to share later. Probably tomorrow.

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Sarah said...

Oh my goodness!! We have the same thing! Steak, Kirby, Landscaping people, etc. etc. etc. It gets really old! It's so weird . . .