Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Counter offer.

Our offer on the house expired at 9pm last night. At about 7pm, the other agent emailed saying he was still trying to get ahold of his clients. We were glad to hear from him. Still, we called BS and hoped that what it really meant was they were trying to get together a counter offer. This morning we did in fact receive the counter offer, which was totally fine by us! HOORAY! We have a contract.

Our agent suggested we also talk to the owner later in the week about seeing if we could take early possession in the form of rent for one month. Then we could move in once and be done with it. That would be great!

Otherwise, I think we have arranged care for all the pets while we stay with friends or hotel.

This week the radon people came and fixed it all up. I wrote them a hefty check. Oy! Not fun. :( So we are ready to go with the selling stuff.

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Kararific said...

Yippee Skippy!