Sunday, June 21, 2009

Packing Packing and packing.

Happy Fathers Day to all!

We have been packing everything. I feel like we got most of it done this weekend. We scored a bunch of boxes from Price Chopper and then some more today from Walmart. Nice. I think we have several people lined up to help out with the move.

This afternoon we went swimming. I had Luca in the sling. He liked it, then he slept most of the time. The big kids had a blast.

We are looking for a fridge. We have to get a new one for the house. I think we found the best deals at the Sears Outlet. They will deliver it and also we can charge it. We need it right away, but need to pay for it later. Our goal is to get to all cash purchases after we move, but for right now we have to save our money for the house down payment.

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Sarah said...

It looks beautiful!