Tuesday, June 23, 2009

On a roll.

Since I have been on a good roll of blogging everyday I figure I might as well keep it up.

Today was supposed to be my down day. We still had swimming lessons, but nothing this afternoon. Well my friend called this morning and wanted me to watch her son. He needed drops in his ear and the camp wouldn't do it. So he has been here. The morning was kind of crazy, but the kids are doing good now. I actually got 5 boxes packed. I think the master bath is done now and more of the kitchen. Then... I ran out of packing tape. DOH! So I have to run up and get some after DH i home. I am doing creative meals this week, to try to clean out the fridge. The less to move the better right?

Tomorrow we have the new house inspection so I have to go there. Thursday we will go to eat lunch with DH at his company picnic and then go buy or new fridge. Friday we close on this house. Saturday Move. Sunday collapse in a heap. LOL!

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