Friday, June 19, 2009

UGG... This is making me crazy.

So we signed and faxed over the counter offer Wed. night. We have still not received it back with the sellers signature on it. I am really just feeling sick to my stomach about it all. The real estate agent for the seller did call to say today that it is in front of the sellers and they are looking at it. I am not sure what there is to look at. Everything we wrote is what they emailed to us saying they wanted. Please just sign it so I can move on with my life! We went ahead and scheduled the inspection for Wed. I figure it is easier to cancel it than to schedule it last minute.

After that we have to sign the papers to close on this house. The buyers said they would like to do a final walk through this week to make sure everything is still fine. So we have to go back through and clean up really well this weekend. It has been a real headache trying to keep the kids from messing things up. Last night Dominic wrote on a cabinet drawer with a permanent sharpie. Luckly DH saw it RIGHT AWAY and they got it off with Magic Eraser. Whew! We bought 10 rubbermaid tubs at Walmart tonight to finish packing in, hopefully that is enough.

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