Monday, June 15, 2009

Makin an offer.

Well I am excited, today we are making an offer on a house in Peculiar with land. We looked at it a while back. It was one I mentioned before, but we had a couple hesitations. We looked at a couple more houses on Saturday and ended back up at the Peculiar house. My husband and our agent walked over to talk to the neighbor. He was able to tell us about the history of the house and about himself. He is the only visible neighbor. There is also some trash out back in the field. The neighbor said the original owner was a pack rat and slowly the current owner has been getting rid of it. The sellers agent said it would all be removed if we buy the house. So that is good.

When we were there last week we saw a deer, and a turkey with her babies. Cool! The kids found snails and we all got ticks on us. Not so cool, but we are going to us my friends natural bug spray. It worked the last time we used it. Also my plan is to get some chickens/guineas (probably next year) and they will eat all the bugs. Nice!

We have grand plans for this property. It has 8 acres with a creek and trees. DH plans to build a cool firepit and camping area. Then our friends can camp at our house. We can have weinie roasts and cook outs. There are trees to climb in! YEAH! We are getting excited. Now its just up to the contracts and banks.


Deanna said...

wow Jaime, that's exciting!

Sarah said...

Cool, Jaime!

Tara said...

Good luck Jaime!!!

Kararific said...

DUDE! I just read this. i'm SO excited for you!