Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A month without a home.

Well we are still waiting to hear back on our house offer. The agent said they really want to sell it, so I figure they will take it or counter offer. We should know later today what they say. If we can make an offer go through we won't be closing/moving in until the end of July. So we have a month with no home.

Our plan is to stay at a corporate hotel with a kitchen and/or with friends. Probably a combination of both. We thought of trying to find a rental house for a month but then we would need our beds and such. Unpacking for that is not really an option. DH has to go to St. Louis for work occasionally, so he is going to try to get it to happen in July. Then we would have a week of hotel for free in St. Louis. Nice.

I have been wanting to do a month of blogs so I think this is the perfect opportunity. The homeless month of daily blogs. :)

We are very fortunate that we have a few friends that have offered to let us crash for a few days/weeks. Also some that have offered to help with our dogs if needed.

If anyone has any creative solutions to our temporary homeless problem please post it in the comment section!


Deanna said...

we did a month of homelessness when we moved here - we stayed in a hotel in Lenexa - with a pool. It was ok..in hindsight, I wish we'd found one with free breakfasts and a pool and at one point, the girls were complaining about picking up toys and one said, "can't housekeeping just do it?" :-)

Deanna said...

oh, and call them - we got a deal because we reserved it for a month - I think it worked out to be a week free and less than what I could find online.

Oh, and we used PODS for moving and storage, and that was nice, we didn't have to think about what to do with our crap while we were homeless - we loaded it up in CO, and they stored it for that month and then brought it out to our new house here in KS - we never had to unload our stuff and put it in storage or anything. And we didn't have to worry about a moving company doing that either - taking it off a truck, storing it and then reloading onto a truck and bringing it out to us. It was just nice and convenient.