Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Many items.

Our June is jam packed. This week is full of appointments and shelling out money. First we have an electrician coming for various small items. Tomorrow the heating and cooling guy. Then the Radon people. Yeah, our radon test came back positive so we have to take care of that. It is not cheap either. Blah.

We are going to go look at a rental house tonight. Sounds great. 20 miles from DH's work and in the country. Nice. Fun for the kids. No more info on the house building scene. Its hurry up and wait at this point.

Then next week is Vacation Bible school. I am actually looking forward to that. Both D and G will be in it. So Luca and I will have 2 hours every day to ourselves. I plan on getting some major packing done. I think I can keep L busy while I pack boxes.

Then the next two weeks we have swimming lessons for both big kids M-Th. After that is moving time. So i know it will go fast. We didn't sign up for any homeschool classes this summer because of our busy schedule already. I want it to be fun and not stressful.

We went camping this last weekend and it was pretty fun. We just went one night and went swimming.

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