Thursday, June 18, 2009

House looks great. Done deal.

These are the words the appraiser said about our Gardner house this morning. I was not worried, I know it looks great. The real estate market is so weird right now it just makes me feel good to hear it. So that was the last step in selling this house, having the appraisal. So now it is just moving and closing/signing the papers. YEAH!!

That means in about 10 days I have to move! HOLY CRAP! But really, we are working on it and I don't think it will be a huge big deal. I am going to ask our Homeschool girl that babysits to come babysit the big kids that day. AKA...keep them out of the way. Maybe she can even watch the baby some.

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Christina said...

I just realized I need to start reading your blog more regularly!! Wow, exciting!! Can't wait to see your new house once you get moved.