Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Not the way its supposed to work.

Well life is always throwing you curve balls right? Just when you KNOW what path you are going to take it all changes. We have been dreaming of building a earth contact awesome home, but the economy is getting in our way. It would be another thing if we thought it would turn next year, but i really doubt that. I think it will be several years.

Massimo went and looked at 6 houses yesterday. They ranged from pretty cool to should be condemned. The worst was a foreclosure house, so we knew it needed work, but it was really bad. He videotaped it. Siding was peeling off, mold in the basement, water in the basement, rotting wood on the deck. The best thing was that the next property in your backyard basically was the firestation. A big firetruck to turn its sirens on night and day, anytime they get a call. Those that don't know, I have two big dogs who howl every time they hear sirens.

The best was out of two. One was 8 acres, big brick ranch house with finished basement and fireplace in the basement too. The second was an earth contact house, very nice, could use a little updating. It has 20 acres, a couple barns, 3 car garage etc.. The downsides to the earth contact were a pond close to the house and the price.

Building has been either put on the back burner, or may not ever happen depending on if we find a house we love with land.

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Tara said...

It's got to be hard to change your plans. I hope it just means there is a perfect already built house on some wonderful land for you instead!