Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Grandma came to Dance Class.

It was Great! My mom had a wonderful time. She videotaped the girls dancing. Several of the girls asked "are you my grandma?" She said, "I can be your grandma today! " How sweet! Gioia told a couple of them, ITS MY Grandma! Bad enough she has to share her with brother, she ain't sharing her with dance class. HA HA!! Mom said she thought the teacher Miss Leigh was great. They are about the same age, both with grandkids, and they hit it off right away. Mom laughed and said it was like herding baby chickens. They went every which way, but Miss Leigh kept them in line. Then we all went out to lunch and DH joined us. He took the rest of the day off, which was good, since it was snowing. On the way home, he hit a curb and bent the tire on his car. SO tomorrow he has to get it fixed as its not driveable. Bummer. It was very slick and my mom left in the afternoon to get home before dark. My brother has been going to colleges trying out for the football team. He has a couple offers, it will be up to him where he decides to go.

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