Friday, January 12, 2007

14 degrees

It is 14 degrees outside and expected to drop lower during the night. BRRR!!! Hubby worked from home today and the only time we got out was to take the dog to the vet for his bloodwork and meds refill. Then hubby decided to hook up his gas heater in the garage. This required shutting the house gas off (IE: the house furnace) while he does it. SO the furnace has been off for a couple hours now and it is starting to get kind of cold in here. The report is "I am almost done. " GOOD! I hope so. ;) Luckly the kids are snuggled in their beds and nice and warm.

MMM.... Girl Scout Cookies. I usually try to make sugar free deserts or baked goods with Stevia, however I make an exception for Girl Scout cookies. As my mom will say, Thin Mints especially. When I was a kid i would order my own box of thin mints and stash them away and eat them. Who am I kidding I still order my own Thin Mints. HA HA!! My daughter got her first taste of these cookies tonight and she is hooked! In fact, she was pretty pissed I only let her have one, well two if you count the one she snuck when I was on the phone.

My herbal remedy of the week Kali Mur. This stuff is awesome! I had a cold, same thing the kids have had for 2 weeks. Ugh. I was sneezing my head off, coughing, nose running like crazy. SO after 2 days of it I call my friend at the Health Store about cough medicine. She tells me that this Kali Mur is great and dries up your nose, stops the drainage, the whole bit. I took it last night, every 2 hours, by the time I went to bed my nose stopped running. This morning I had a few drips from the nose, so I took it again. Gave Dominic some cause he is still drippy. THats it DONE! My nose is healed. I have not sneezed since. BAM!! Cold is gone! SWEET!!! I had a couple coughing fits, but other than that I feel great! THANK YOU SHERRY! Oh and it cost like 4 bucks.Well worth it.

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