Friday, January 05, 2007

New Vacuum

My old vacuum died. We had it 6+ years. We got it as a wedding gift. SO i did my research, check consumer reports and ended up buying a Kenmore Intelli-Clean vacuum. It has this sensor that tells you when you are sucking up alot of dirt, small amounts or the area is clean. WOW! My carpet was really dirty. It looks like different carpet now. Fluffier and nicer looking. Here is the vacuum.
Next on the list to replace is the dishwasher. It still runs, but about every other load comes out with crud on the dishes and it just sucks. Of course, I feel wasteful to replace it when it still works. We are going to keep an eye out for open box items or clearance items and try to find a great deal, otherwise we will probably stick it out with this dishwasher for another year.

We went to the Nelson-Atkins art musuem on Tuesday. I forgot to post about that. It was AWESOME! I loved it. We only got to stay for about 45 mins and we saw the whole 1st floor. I thought that was pretty good with two little ones. Our homeschool group went and most of the other kids are a bit older, around 5. Hopefully we can do it again soon with DH.

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