Sunday, January 14, 2007

Armpit babies...

I just had to laugh about this. This morning as I log onto my Attachment Parenting board I was reading some funny stuff. Since we are all AP parents pretty much everyone co-sleeps with their kids, in the bed, aka Family Bed. I know we do and we love it. One mom is having trouble with her baby kicking her when she breastfeeds at night. So we are all giving suggestions and the conversation turns to your babies head smelling like armpit in the morning. HHA AHAA!! Some people won't understand this...but to give a mental picture. Baby is at the breast, mom puts her arm about the babies head, therefore baby ends up with his hair/top of head in moms armpit. Well by morning, you have armpit head baby. HA HA!!! TOO FUNNY! That has happened to us before. So we all hop in the shower together.

My AP families group is so awesome. We have several babies due this spring. It will be great. We take meals to the new mamas, partly so we can see the new babies you know! At least 3 of these are planned homebirths. It is really great. We have a resident Midwife in our group. I know she is doing one of the deliveries. Our cooking club is getting back on track and I think it will be a good 2007.

Today is church and then I hope to go to the Mall and find some black boots to wear under skirts or with jeans. I need some winter type dress shoes and I want boots! I have some christmas money to spend.

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